For over 10 years I have been writing a variety of documentation, training materials, user guides, and tutorials for the technical audience to simple layman's terms for the average user.

Whether you need a standard technical document with images to user guides with animated .gif or video, I can produce the best and appropriate documentation your audience.

On this page, you will see a few writing samples from various projects.



Check out my sample writing for user manuals, tutorials

User Manuals

Check back soon for samples. Many of the user manuals I created contained proprietary information that cannot be available to the public.

Other Writing Samples

Do I have other writing samples? Sure do. I run an art/culture/education/entertainment blog called Socks On An Octopus that I have been running since 2012. Here are a few samples:

Want to Work Together?

If you're interested in working together on a writing project, feel free to contact me with your inquiry and rates.

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